AT&T REtirement Readiness - Are you really prepared? 

Receive A No-Cost Retirement Readiness Consultation.

Arm yourself with the right financial knowledge to diversify your AT&T savings and ensure you have the safety, growth, liquidity and income you need to last the rest of your life.

Webinar Details

Key Points We Will Evaluate 
  • Pension considerations and discussion of options.
  • How to set up a personal pension you control that pays you every month for as long as you live and your spouse.
  • When can you access your 401(k), and options that create the least amount of penalty or tax implications.
  • What should you be thinking about in terms of healthcare options.
  • Debt payment schedules and long-term liability optimizations.
  • Your current or lack of any properly structured Estate Plans.
  • Best options to minimize taxes and maximize income longevity. 

🔥All Consultations Will Receive The Following Guides 🔥

"Decoding COBRA Benefits"
"The Transition Survival Guide"
"Monthly Pension vs Lump Sum Payout"

Why Get A Retirement  Analysis? 

Identify if the cookie cutter AT&T retirement plan is right for you by determining if you will have enough money in retirement and how your future income needs may impact your current financial situation. 

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