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Did You Know?

  • The average nursing home cost Nationally = $10,200 per month and the average stay is 2.5 years!
  • High percentage of nursing home stays result in a LIEN on your home due to the Estate Recovery Act!
  • Medicaid spend down is the fastest way to loose your estate.
  • 85% of people who end up in nursing homes rely on Medicaid. 
  • 65% of Americans 65 and older will rely on skilled care.
  •  You will pay a lifetime penalty fee on Medicare if you miss certain filing timelines.

~ You don't need to be a statistic. Join us to learn how to protect yourself. ~

Location Details
Location: Rochester Community House
Address: 5816 Ludlow Ave, Rochester, MI 48307

Event Dates and Times
Tuesday 22nd @ 7:00pm

Seating Is Limited!

All Attendees Will Receive Credit To A No-Cost, One-on-One Review Of Your Estate Plan!

What you will learn at this informative educational workshop:

  • Expert guidance on safeguarding assets and home from nursing home expenses
  • Learn how to transform disappointing 401K returns into a lifetime of guaranteed income.
  • Learn how to navigate the Medicare-Medicaid maze and differentiate their benefits and payment responsibilities.
  • How to preserve retirement accounts from Medicaid and Nursing Home Spend Down
  • Discover how the Secure Act directly affects your beneficiary retirement accounts
  • Discover the benefits and potential limitations of annuities.
  • Explore techniques to bypass probate, safeguard your estate, and decode the Estate Recovery laws.
  • Secure your legacy and eliminate the risk of losing all your hard-earned rewards from a lifetime of work.
  • Achieve peace of mind by establishing a comprehensive estate plan that empowers YOU to determine the handling of your assets in any scenario.

Meet Your Presenter

Rick Williams 

Finance Executive with decades of experience in retirement planning

"We get up every morning to help families build protection, safety, and stability into their finances."

Let us help you integrate all the pieces of your financial portfolio into one cohesive plan that includes considerations for debt-reduction, college savings, tax mitigation, market volatility, Social Security optimization, and estate planning.

We work with strategic partners such as CPAs and estate planning attorneys to ensure that retirement is fully optimized and represents your family's values and objectives.

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