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Preparing your General Motors retirement benefits is a significant milestone in your career, your life's journey, and is an important process for all members of your family. As a dedicated GM employee, you've devoted a majority of your life to building a successful career, and now, it's your chance to secure your financial future.

Safe Money Mindset, in collaboration with its partners, is fully committed to supporting you during this crucial phase by offering guidance to help you make informed decisions for a retirement that is both comfortable and free from financial stress.

General Motor Retirement Benefit Planning

As a veteran financial educator, Safe Money Mindset is a leader in the retirement planning pace by providing a range of resources, workshops, and webinars tailored to help and steer you on your journey towards retirement:

Retirement Tax Mitigation

Retirement Tax Mitigation

In retirement, prioritizing effective tax planning is crucial. We will assist you in implementing strategies to reduce your tax obligations, allowing you to retain a more substantial portion of your well-deserved savings.

GM Pension Benefit Options

GM Pension Benefits 

Retirement brings valuable pension benefits to General Motors employees, offering a reliable source of income.

Are you aware that there are alternative strategies that mimic the characteristics of a pension while offering more flexibility in terms of liquidity and asset diversification?

We delve into this subject in our webinar and through articles available at our GM pension resource hub.

Roth IRA Rollover

Roth IRA Rollovers

Are you aware that Roth IRAs provide tax advantages in retirement? Our experts guide GM employees through the process of moving your 401k funds into a Roth IRA, commonly known as a rollover, which allows you to benefit from tax-free withdrawals throughout your retirement years.

401(K) Optimization

401(k) Optimization

Unlocking the complete potential of your General Motor Companies 401(k) is essential for a secure retirement. Join one of our webinars to discover the diverse strategies at your disposal to enrich your retirement benefit plan. By doing so, you can optimize your GM benefits and harness additional investment opportunities to ensure a more comfortable retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Safeguarding your legacy carries substantial weight in the realm of retirement planning. Our estate planning workshops are meticulously crafted to furnish you with a thorough grasp of the options at your disposal for transferring assets to your cherished ones in alignment with your precise wishes.

Medicare and Social Security

Medicare and Social Security Optimization

Integrating Medicare and Social Security into your retirement plan is a fundamental consideration for every GM employee.

Did you know Social Security contributions often create income that can have implications for tax brackets, and Medicare premiums may rise based on the income-related monthly adjusted amount (IRMAA). Explore the ways your benefits might impact your retirement strategy, especially in relation to Social Security and Medicare by scheduling a no-cost consultation.

General Motors Retirement Planning

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"7 Building Blocks of  Safe Money Mindset" 

Discover how we have educated over 500 clients on how to protect, grow, and access their wealth on their terms. Avoid unnecessary risk and maximize your liquidity, putting you in the driver's seat.

Safe Money Mindset

Three Worlds of Money

  • What is it?

  •  THE Mindset

  •  Potential

  • Protection

  • hybrid 

A mash-up of how you think about investing, how you plan to spend your wealth, and how you will derive future income; Safe Money Mindset is a unique approach to building a retirement that is stable, inflation resilient, and supports a life style you won't outlive.

The term 'SAFE MONEY' was born from a simple remark made by a client that led to the discovery of an alternative asset class we now call PROTECTION. 

The story began when a client made a straightforward yet pivotal statement: "Forget all the fancy stock options, I want that SAFE MONEY." That phrase would become the seed from which the "Three Worlds of Money" concept would grow. 

Today, our "SAFE MONEY" solutions are not only stronger but also more comprehensive. They are all integrated into our "Safe Money Mindset," which embraces the Three Worlds of Money: Potential, Protection, and Hybrid. These principles serve as pillars, guiding our approach to ensuring clients not only preserve their wealth but also navigate the financial landscape with confidence and security.

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